How To Enjoy Chinese Food While On A Diet

Many people love the taste of Chinese food, but hesitate on it because they believe it's not a very healthy option. In truth, you can certainly enjoy Chinese food without the associated guilt that comes with indulging in comfort food while on a diet. There's many health-conscious options if you pay attention. Here's how you can separate the healthy choices from the not-so-healthy ones.

Know What You're Looking At

The menu of a Chinese place has a ton of healthy food choices if you know what you're looking for. In addition, it's okay to order food to your specifications. In fact, some of the items on the menu may mention they're vegetarian dishes or low in sodium. If in doubt, you can ask for suggestions from the establishment itself.

Know What You Should Order and What You Shouldn't

Many Chinese food dishes are prepared in particular ways that can increase or decrease just how healthy they are. For example, stir-fried anything can seem like a healthy choice, and it usually is. However, one of those rich Chinese sauces poured on top of it can destroy a lot of that nutritional value.

Here's a few general rules that can help you figure out what you should and shouldn't order.

  • Avoid anything fried, including the crispy fried noodles
  • Either go with no sauce, or have the sauce on the side
  • Choose chicken, shrimp, or fish over beef
  • If you must choose beef, go with beef and broccoli
  • Choose brown rice over white or fried rice

Remember you can order things how you like, so feel free to choose or ask to have your food steamed, stir-fried, or roasted. Really, just about any prep method other than fried is a good option. If your meal requires oil, ask for very light oil in its preparation.

Take advantage of all the vegetable and tofu dishes available on the menu. Even when ordering a vegetable dish, the same rules apply. You don't want your vegetables fried, and you don't want them drenched in any sauce. If you don't want the sauce on the side, ask for less sauce on the dish.

You can enjoy Chinese food without the accompanying guilt trip. There's several tasty, healthier options available for you. In fact, you can make Chinese food a part of your ongoing diet as long as you keep these tips in mind when you make your Chinese food delivery order.