Using Crust To Customize Your Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular meals in the United States, with people buying millions of frozen pizzas from the store and purchasing millions more at various pizza restaurants. Pizza is so popular because it can be customized in so many ways.

You can customize the crust, add flavor to the crust, change the sauce, and even change the toppings in order to create a unique, customized pizza that fits your taste perfectly. Changing the crust is the first place you need to start with in order to customize the pizza.

The crust of the pizza can really impact the feel and weight of your pizza. The two major types of  pizza crust are thin crusts and thick crusts. With both categories, there are multiple types of thick and thin-crust pizza.

Thin Crust Options

With thin crust pizza, it is more about the toppings on the pizza. The thin crust allows you to enjoy more slices of pizza.

Neapolitan Pizza

One of the most popular types of thin crust pizza is Neapolitan pizza. The dough is made to be floppy and usually has blackened bubbles that pop up on the crust. It is a simple crust, cooked in a wood oven, that tastes great when done right

New York Style Pizza

The next most popular type of thin crust pizza is New York Style pizza. A New York Style pizza is a little thicker than a Neapolitan pizza and is cooked longer. A little sugar is added to the dough in order to create an evening brown crust.

St. Louis Style Pizza

There is also a St. Louis style thin pizza crust, it has more of a cracker-like crust as it doesn't contain yeast.

Thick Crust Options

Thick crust pizza adds a lot of weight to the pizza. With a thick crust pizza, you don't have to eat as many slices in order to feel full. Thick crust pizza comes in many different styles.

Chicago Style

One of the best types of thick crust pizza is a Chicago deep-dish pizza. The crust is usually a couple of inches thick, and it can take almost an hour for the pizza to cook in a cast-iron pan. The crust soaks in the flavors of the toppings and the tomato sauce.

Detroit Style

The second type of thick crust pizza is Detroit style pizza, which is shaped in a square instead of a circle. It is not as thick as a Chicago-style pizza and has a fluffy and flavorful crust.

Stuffed Crust Pizza

The third type of thick crust is stuffed crust pizza. A stuffed crust pizza has two layers of dough on top of one another, creating a thick crust, that is often stuffed with cheese or other fillings.

Thick crust pizza makes for a heavier pizza, which means you don't need to order as many pizzas when you go with this heavier pizza option.

Flavored Crust

In addition to having a thick or thin crust pizza, you can also add flavor to your crust. The trend of flavored crust started in Detroit, but it has spread to other locations.

For example, you can add butter flavoring to the crust. Or you can have a butter cheese crust, Cajun crust, or garlic herb crusts. Basically, with a flavored crust, you are just adding a little butter and seasoning to the crust in order to enhance the flavor of the pizza.