Setting Up Delivery Services For Your Restaurant

If your restaurant is operating without delivery services in an area with a large residential base nearby, you may be losing business. Setting up delivery services could significantly impact your business, and if you are a pizza restaurant, pizza home delivery is a great option to start with. 

Setting Delivery Expectations

When you set up pizza home delivery from your restaurant, it is essential that you have realistic expectations. Small businesses may not be able to offer thirty-minute delivery guarantees like larger businesses, so you need to capitalize on things like better-quality food and service. 

You also need to decide how far you will deliver that pizza to ensure it is still hot and fresh when it gets to your customer. In most areas, five or six miles is the limit, but if you are in an area that allows you to get the food there faster, you might be able to add a couple of miles on, reaching more customers and still providing excellent food. 

Equipment Requirements

You need to look closely at what it will take to make home pizza delivery from your restaurant work, which includes the tools and equipment required. If you are already producing pizza in high volumes and have the kitchen space to do more, you may only need to work out the delivery part. 

Pizza carriers that keep the food hot are essential, and you should have more than you think you need in case things get busy. It is also a good idea to look at adding some type of mobile application that allows you to track drivers and that they can use to check the location of the delivery at a glance. 

You may need to find a commercially-available app, but if you want something custom, you could work with an app developer to build you one that you could use and alter to add more features if you find you need them later. 

Customer Service

There are many pizza home delivery services available already, so your service needs to impress people, so they keep coming back. The delivery driver is the face of your business when they arrive at the home, so make sure they look good and are friendly. 

A new customer's first impression of your restaurant and delivery service comes with the driver arrives and they open the door the first time. Ensuring that the first greeting is excellent is crucial as you begin to build your customer base, so set some appearance guidelines and make sure that drivers are not driving up with radios blaring and food that was bounced around the car. The little things can be the difference in building your new pizza home delivery service.