4 Tips For Catering A Large Event

If you are putting on a large event, such as a wedding or celebration of life, and you are working with a catering service, there are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure that you get the food right for your event.

Tip #1: Confirm Your Guest Count

First, you are going to want to confirm your guest count. If this is an event you are planning in advance, you can get a rough headcount for the event and then get a more precise count closer to the event. If this is an event you are planning on short notice, you will have to use the best estimate for your guest count.

It is best to go a little bigger with your guest count than a little smaller when in doubt. Be sure to ask your guests to share any dietary restrictions with you when they RSVP so you can share those with your catering service.

Tip #2: Choose Popular Foods

Second, when it comes to choosing the foods you serve at your event, it is best to stick to popular foods as the main option. When feeding a large group, you want to stick to foods that you know people will enjoy and eat. If there is something more unique that you want to serve, serve a smaller portion of that item. With significant events, crowd-pleasing foods are often the best choice.

Tip #3: Consider the Event Style

Third, when it comes to choosing the food and how it will be served, be sure to consider what the overall style of the event will be like. If you are hosting an event with formal attire, you may want to go with a sit-down dinner and food that is best eaten while sitting down. If you are holding an event where people will mainly be up and moving around, you may want to go with foods that don't require cutlery and can be easily eaten with one's hands. Match food and serving style of the food to the overall feeling of the event.

Tip #4: Give Options

Fourth, when planning the menu for your event, be sure to choose options that will appeal to different dietary and food lifestyles. It is not that difficult to add one or two vegetarian or vegan options to your menu, which can easily satisfy the food needs of people who don't eat meat and individuals on a variety of specialized diets due to health concerns. Building both meat and meatless options into your menu will make it easier to ensure that there is food that everyone likes.

When planning a big event, confirm your guest count, choose popular foods, consider the event style, and build easy vegetarian and vegan options into your food choices. These four tips will make planning catering for a big event easier to handle.