Ten Tips To Make Your Simple Burger A Lot Better For You

Do you love a good burger? Go ahead and splurge, but consider some ways that you can make your burger a bit better for you, without compromising the flavor and experience of this beloved food.

Ten ways to make your burger a bit more healthful are:

  1. Skip the cheese. Have the burger, but skip the cheese. Cheese made from cow's milk can actually cause some to experience breakouts and acne due to the sugars in dairy.
  2. Be cognizant of the bun. When eating out, ask for a whole-grain bun. Not an option? Skip the bun altogether!
  3. Load on the lettuce and tomato. Actually, pile your burger high with any kind of fresh veggies. In addition to the vitamins contained in typical burger toppings, this also adds dietary fiber which is good for you!
  4. Bypass the fries. Enjoy your burger, any way that you like, but skip the fries. Instead of ordering French fries, ask for sliced tomatoes or a side-salad.
  5. Treat a good burger like a steak. Eat your burger like you would eat a great steak. Remove the bun, use a little steak-sauce, and ask for a side of steamed veggies or a baked potato.
  6. Substitute the beef. Try a turkey-burger, salmon-burger, or even a veggie-burger instead of the usual beef burger for lunch. These tend to be lower in saturated fats than beef, and you could discover that you really enjoy these options!
  7. Add a slab of avocado. The healthy oils in avocadoes make them a super-food in terms of good health. Plus, they taste really-good! Ask for a thick slice of avocado on your burger the next time you eat out.
  8. Go for the heat. Load a few hot peppers, jalapenos, or pepperoncini peppers on your burger; this will bring some delicious heat, plus these foods can help to speed-up your metabolism which helps burn fat. It might also put a little pep in your step!
  9. Make sure you eat high-quality beef. The better the beef, the less fat; go with burgers advertised as steak-burgers when eating out. Check the content of fat when buying beef and try to stick to 93% lean when possible.
  10. Go for a jaunt. When you really want a burger, take a brisk walk to a local diner or eatery to quell your craving. Taking a walk before and after eating is always recommended, and your delicious burger serves as the reward. Plus, a walk after eating can help in digestion. No more gas after lunch!

Sometimes you simply must have a delicious burger. There are some easy and tasty ways to make that burger a bit more healthful that will not hinder your eating-experience at all. Use these tips to make your burger a little better for you the next time a craving strikes! For more advice about diner food in general and healthy alternatives, contact a local diner such as Belgian Waffle & Pancake House.