Healthy Eating 101: 3 Tips For Ordering A Healthier Sandwich

Sandwiches are a staple lunch food item. After all, they're quick, delicious, and easy to eat. Unfortunately, sandwiches can be packed with a lot of calories that you probably don't even notice. However, that doesn't mean sandwiches are forbidden. With a little tweaking, your favorite sandwich from your beloved sandwich shop can be both delicious and healthy.

So how can you order a healthier sandwich? Here are three tips:

1. Add More Vegetables

Perhaps one of the simplest tips for ordering a healthier sandwich is to add more vegetables. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cucumbers are all good options. If you want lettuce on your sandwich, opt for dark and leafy greens. Arugula, spinach, and kale are all good choices.

Vegetables will help give you the nutrients you need. However, that's not all they'll do. The fiber in the vegetables will also help you feel full. So if you want a healthier sandwich, pile it with lots of vegetables.

2. Consider Condiments

Another helpful tip is to carefully consider your condiments. If you are like most people, you probably use mayonnaise and mustard. You might also add vinegar and oil. While condiments are necessary for adding moisture, they're packed full of calories. If you want to order a healthier sandwich, opt for condiments with minimal calories. Mustard is a great option. If you miss the mayonnaise, ask for yogurt instead.

If you absolutely cannot go without the condiments you love, ask for them on the side. This way you can monitor exactly how much is put on your sandwich – and it will be much easier to keep tabs on calories.

3. Skip Deli Meats

Finally, consider skipping out on the popular deli meats. While these meats do provide protein, they are usually packed with unhealthy ingredients. Nitrates and sodium are commonly found in deli meats – and they aren't very healthy. Luckily, there are other options. Tuna is a good choice. It has lots of healthy fats and is low on calories. You could also opt for a meat substitute, which is also lower in calories – and doesn't feature any nitrates.

While sandwiches might seem like a forbidden lunch food item, they don't have to be. With a little tweaking, any sandwich can be made healthier. So the next time you're at your favorite sandwich shop, consider implementing these simple tips. You'll save calories and eliminate unnecessary fats – all while enjoying your favorite sandwich.