How To Create A Kitchen For A Large Family

Did you and your spouse agree at the beginning of your marriage to have a large family? Perhaps you have both been married before and you each bring children into your marriage. For whatever reason that you ended up with many children, you may be at the point where you want to create a kitchen that meets the needs of your family. From the right kitchen table to buying a commercial refrigerator, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your new kitchen.

The Furnishings - Think about combining practicality with beauty.

  • For your kitchen table, consider buying a large round table where all of you can see each other, as that will make for great visiting. Think about placing a large Lazy Susan in the middle of the table. Keep a pretty flower arrangement on the Lazy Susan and leave enough room for things like salt, pepper and a napkin holder.
  • As you select a hutch to go with your kitchen table, consider buying one that has plenty of room for things that you use every day. For example, look for a hutch that has drawers for your flatware and plenty of cabinet space for dishes and serving pieces. If it has space for things like cookbooks, that's even better.

The Equipment - When you think of the equipment you need for your large family, beauty is probably not on the top of your list.

  • Choose commercial equipment that will make your life easier. For example, select a commercial refrigerator that has compartments for large quantities of things like lunch meats, large containers of juice. Look for a commercial refrigerator, such as fromHy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc., that contains a special space for fruit and vegetables, too.
  • Do you have room for a walk-in freezer? If so, think about buying a commercial one that will hold large quantities of foods. Consider buying a walk-in freezer that will hold large amounts of meat that you buy when it is for sale at a reduced price. Commercial freezers can be found at affordable prices. The money you will save by buying food in large quantities and the convenience of having to shop less often will be the frosting-on-the-cake.

Think of using your wall space for decorative things that are also practical. For example, buy pretty pewter measuring spoons that can be part of a wall display. Another idea is to hang your pots and pans from a special ceiling rack that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen.