Want Pizza Tonight? 4 Tips For Ordering Pizza

One of the best meals to enjoy on a busy night is a hot pizza from your favorite delivery place. A nice steaming hot piece of pizza with melted cheese can hit the spot. However, when it comes to ordering pizza for dinner, you can do a few things to enhance the order and delivery process.

1. Know What You Want

When you call the restaurant, you should have already looked over the menu online and know what you want. It is okay to ask a few clarifying questions about ingredients or availability, but you should know what you want on your pizza. When ordering a pizza, especially at dinner time, the phones are usually really busy, with other callers waiting. So be respectful, and don't sit on the phone debating what toppings you want on your pizza.

2. Have a Little Patience

A pizza will get to you quickly, but it is not fast food. In most restaurants, it will take around twenty minutes for the restaurant to take your order and make the pizza from scratch, especially if you placed a custom order and didn't order one of the regular options, like a plain cheese pizza. Then, once the pizza is made, they still have to drive it to your house. If you place your order at dinner time, it may take a little longer to get you your pizza if there are orders in front of you.

3. Be Ready to Take the Order

Be ready to take your order. You should be ready to open the door to accept your order. You should also open the door quickly after the driver knocks. Most pizza companies will have their drivers knock on your door a few times and call a couple of times before leaving.

 You should also have your cash or card ready so that you can easily pay the pizza delivery person. Don't make the pizza delivery driver wait outside your home while you look for money to pay them.

4. Give a Tip

The delivery fee you pay isn't going directly to the driver, and it isn't a tip. Your delivery driver had to pack up your order, drive to your home, and bring you your order. You should give the delivery driver a nice tip, not just a dollar. A tip around 10-15% is respectable for a delivery. So, if your order is $20, you will want to tip the driver between $2-$3.50.

If you want to enjoy a slice of hot pizza for dinner, know what you want before calling and placing your order. Be prepared to wait as it takes time to cook a pizza from scratch. Be ready to answer the door when the delivery driver arrives, and be sure to give the driver a tip. For more information, contact a pizza company like Original Italian Pizza Pa.