3 Unique Ways To Enjoy Your Pizza Crust

The crust on a pizza not only offers an easy way to grip slices, but a delicious crust will also feature crispy edges, chewy insides, and a lot of flavors. If you typically skip the crust when you dine at a pizzeria, consider some of the unique ways to transform the crust and create a delicious meal.

Each method comes with different options so you can customize the process all you want. Check out some of the ideas and don't let the crust to go waste the next time you order pizza.

1. Stuff The Crust

If you order a pizza with a lot of toppings, then you know sometimes those toppings may fall off, onto your plate. Instead of putting the toppings back on the pizza, you could push them to the side of your plate and save them for later.

Once you reach the crust, you could stuff the toppings directly inside the crust and enjoy your own version of stuffed crust pizza. Take a fork or butter knife to create a hollow opening inside the crust and have plenty of room to add the toppings. Along with the toppings, you may have extra cheese and sauce you could stuff inside as well.

2. Cheese & Pepper Sandwich

Take advantage of the complimentary pizza toppings found at many pizza restaurants to make yourself a mini-sandwich packed with flavor. Once you reach the crust, take a knife and cut down the crust horizontally to form two halves. Pull open the halves and add Parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes right onto the crust.

Add a generous amount to really pack the sandwich and fill it with flavor. Close the pieces of crust back up again and enjoy your little sandwich. If the sandwich tastes too spicy, then use a little less hot pepper on your next piece of crust.

3. Dessert Dippers

By the time you finish multiple slices of pizza and have the leftover crust, you may want to crave something sweet. Use the crust to enjoy some dessert dippers. For example, you could use a small cup of icing or jam to add some sweetness to the crust. Doughy pizza crust pairs well with the dessert options.

Check out the dessert options available at a pizza restaurant to see what options you can request. If you order the pizza at home, then you can find your own dessert dipper options right in your own pantry.

Keep all of these ideas in mind the next time you order from a pizzeria.