4 Easy Ways Restaurant Meals Can Replace Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Cooking on Thanksgiving is often hours of work. From preparing the turkey itself to a number of side-dishes, it can become an exhausting day. To help cut back on some of that preparation, you can rely on a local restaurant. By purchasing some appetizers and side dishes in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, you can have a memorable meal without so much preparation. The following four side dishes can be found at a variety of restaurants and can make a delicious addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Read More 

Canadian Food You Must Try: The Donair

Canadian food is a mix of many cultures including French, Italian, and American cuisine. When visiting the country, and specifically Nova Scotia, you have the opportunity to enjoy a food tradition only known to the local area. The donair is a specialty beef that has Turkish roots and is prepared in a variety of ways. Learn about the origins of the donair and different ways to enjoy the delicious and unique Canadian cuisine. Read More